Below are some of the questions we often get asked, however, if you would like to speak to one of our Arena Ice team, head to our contact page.

How many skaters may be on an ice rink at any one time?

You need to allow approximately 3m2 per person.

Do you use aluminium, synthetic or rubber ice rinks?

Arena only uses aluminium rinks, as they produce the very best and most energy efficient ice. Rubber based systems can be prone to melting should the winter season be milder than normal.

Do you own all your equipment?

Yes, Arena holds stock in excess of 30,000m2 along with all ancillary products & services. We never hire from third parties, thus giving 100% control over quality, supply and health & safety.

How do I attract customers?

Successfully marketing your ice rink is vital to its success, and we can make introductions to our PR partners Plaster Communications to help attract and retain customers from your catchment area.

Do you supply your rinks globally?

Yes. All of our ice rinks, supporting structures and services are available globally. We have worked in UK & Europe, Middle and Far East and across the USA, where have Arena branches.

Will my rink need a roof?

Our clients are increasingly opting to cover their ice rinks, creating an all-weather facility.

Is my venue suitable for a temporary ice rink?

The most important consideration is the physical space to build the rink, and access to vehicles and equipment. You will also need water supply and power supply. All of these will be looked at during our site visits. Our rinks are available inside and outside and at any time of the year.

What’s included?

We can provide everything you need for a working ice rink from the ice rink itself to the skates, skate aids, supporting structures for restaurants, cafes and bars, AV and audio equipment, creative lighting, sound systems, chillers, power generation, electrical distribution, furniture and interior design. We create a bespoke package to meet your objectives.

Who looks after the ice when it’s up and running?

During the rental period the surface of the ice needs constant maintenance; this can be done by a number of different methods, dependent upon size of rink and budget. We provide full training for your team, ensuring they understand how to look after the ice and keep it in top condition.

What sort of ice rink do you provide?

We only offer real-ice ice rinks. There is no plastic or imitation ice, which gives a superior experience for your customers. We use the latest ice technology which is low energy, sustainable, quick to assemble and easy to maintain.

How long does it take to build?

Again, this is dependent on the scale and complexity of a project and how much supporting infrastructure is required. If it’s a straightforward ice rink build it can take a couple of days. If there are additional structures such as restaurants with interior fit out, more time will be required. Your project manager will give you a time frame and provide you with a detailed build schedule.

How much does it cost?

Each project is budgeted for on a case-by-case basis, dependent on requirements and complexity.

Is there a minimum project scale?

No, we have no minimum of maximum limits to the ice rinks we deliver. We can offer straightforward rinks or the construction of full temporary hospitality and leisure destinations.

Who are temporary ice rinks suitable for?

Temporary ice rinks are ideal for retail centres, garden centres, leisure destinations, museums, theme parks and any other area looking to increase revenue and drive footfall during the winter season. We have worked with clients as diverse as historic London venues to shopping malls in Dubai. We also provide long term ice solutions for sports centres, and can cater for activities such as ice hockey, curling and other ice related activities.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are many; additional revenue streams such as advertising and sponsorship, increased footfall, increased customer dwell time, improved customer experience and the opportunity to diversify.